Full Service Tax Strategy Consulting

D Squared Tax Strategies is a cutting-edge tax policy consulting firm created to help clients address the new legislative tax paradigm facing us in Washington DC- especially as the clock ticks down to 2025, when the Tax Policy and Jobs Act expires.

The new Congress is just the beginning of the process. There are already many questions about the Inflation Reduction Act: how to properly comply and how to calculate for returns. There will be much more to come.

There will be continuous regulatory action and there has to be further legislative action fixing areas that give the United States trade problems and prevent American manufacturers from on-shoring jobs.

We can guide you through both the legislative and regulatory process by working with legislators and regulators to help ensure that regulations or proposed law changes work for your business and provide clarity to your business.

“Dawn understands and explains tax policy better than anyone I know. Her insight regarding tax legislation is invaluable.”

~ Rick Lazio, U.S. Congress, New York

D Squared Tax Strategies currently represents corporations, small businesses, coalitions, start-ups and non-profit institutions, and works to protect their interests on Capitol Hill, in Federal agencies and among other stakeholders in Washington.

We know how to complement a client’s existing strengths and build on previous accomplishments. D Squared’s unusual ability to view tax strategies from “outside the box” allows them to see an engagement from both a 30,000-foot level and also enables them to get down into the tax weeds, when necessary. That is a key component to our many client victories in Washington DC.

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